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Welcome to my website! Originally known as Biscuits.crd is a small fun project i'm starting just to try out my HTML & CSS skills! There's really not a point to this website but for me to have something entertaining to do in my free time. I hope everyone likes it!!

Site Updates

Aug. 25 Today i wokred on tge hoem page yayyyyy I added so many scrollboxes and stuff so fun yayy awespme

Aug. 26 Added small abt me section in main page and im struggling to fix the custom scrollbar. I am falling down to my knees and starting to cry never been closer to dying.

Aug. 27 It's 3AM so it counts I fixed the damn scrollbar crying emoji FINALLY. And I decorated abt me thingy a bit more i put some donuts cuz donuts are delicious and made the status box and put animation on the text yeppp. Later today when I wake up ill finish up the home opage and I'll start working the abt me oage (very excited) (I love talkin abt myself and the things i like) OK thanks

Aug. 27 Second aug. 27 entry i just tried adding a marquee cuz i thought it woul look cute to have some stamps displayed as a footer but wtf. Wtf. I'm going to end my shit bro

Aug. 28 FINISHED THE HOMEPAGE!!!!! YAY So awesome. So marquee was a super mega bad idea. So I just discarded it cuz it looked ugly and not right in the future tho i wanna add more stuff to the home page. I made the donuts spin and i added this super cute gif that says welcome. I'm starting the abt me page rn AWESOME

Sep. 20 I HAVENT DONE ANY SIGNIFICANT WORK IN FOREVER!!! TT im sorry. I did work a little bit of the abt me page but it still doesn't convince me. MAIN PAGE FEELS SO EMPTY TOO i am working on adding more stuff

Feb. 14 HELLO!!! I had completely given up on this website a while ago. My fault TT I still like the layout so I'm going to fix a couple things in here first to make galleta more awesomer and cuter + I want to finish the other pages I never even started. Thank you!



Joy ..

She/It 15 ENFP 8w9 Latina NB Lesbian :3
Status: Super Duper Happy!

To do list

□ Complete every section
□ Find more graphics
□ Add more stuff to main page
□ Fixing Marquee tag
□ Idfk